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We provide bunting and banner printing services in Malaysia.
Bunting Banner, Roll Up Bunting, Banner Printing, Bunting Printing.
Cheapest Price in Town with Finest Quality.


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Bunting and Banner is common used as display marketing items to promote company images, products, and events at exhibition, shopping complex, or even in front of the retail shoplot.

Therefore, bunting printing and banner printing demands have been increasing rapidly. 

Hotpaper Marketing provide you the service of printing bunting and printing banner service regardless 1 items order or bulk order.

We also provide FREE delivery within Klang Valley with NO extra charges.


FAQs about printing bunting and printing banner:

What is the standard size for Printing Bunting and Banner?

 Standard Bunting size: 2 x 6 feet.

Standard Banner size: 3 x 18 feet - 4 x 20 feet

* Customized size available.

Converter: enter the Centimeters (cm) value that you wish to convert into Inches (") at below column:

Centimeters to Inches (cm to inches)
provided by www.metric-conversions.org


 What type of Bunting Printing and Banner Printing Material Available?

Indoor Print - 1,200dpi                                                                     Outdoor Print - 720dpi

Material: Synthetic Print, Tarpaulin Print                                     Material: Tarpaulin Print

Finishing: Matt or Gloss Lamination                                              Finishing: nil


What are the Stands Available for stand Bunting?

Indoor Bunting with X-Stand set:

Size to fit in X-stand - 2 x 6 feet


Indoor Bunting with T-Stand (single or double sides)

Size to fit in T-stand - 2 x 6 feet - 3 x 8 feet


Indoor Bunting with Roll Up Stand

Size to fit in Roll Up stand - 2.5 x 6.5 feet


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    Printing Lamp Post Bunting, Installation and

License Application are Available Here




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